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Center Plus Call Center Recording
Monitor and Evaluate Your Agents



  • Record all areas of your multi-channel contact center including voice only, voice with screen recording, or screen only.
  • Record 100% of calls for verification or smaller samples for coaching or compliance
  • Ability to control the information users see
  • Create custom forms that capture the key performance indicators you need
  • Gather and analyze critical marketing information
  • Multiple evaluators can review a single call in order to standardize an agentís score
  • Portfolio interfaces with Crystal Report so you can create virtually any report your business needs to analyze all relevant data 

    Service Observer:
    Listen to individual agentís conversations and view computer screens in real-time. CenterPlus Service Observer includes agent evaluation forms that make individual performance reviews simple, accurate and objective. The interactive coaching mode lets agents listen to their own conversations under supervisor control to know what is working.

Workforce Management: Integrate agent schedule data from all popular workforce management systems. CenterPlus holds this information and charts it against actual agent login and logout time captured from your PBX, ACD or predictive dialer.


Telephony: CenterPlus captures ACD and dialer statistics to learn how agents handle calls. CenterPlus captures talk time and calls per hour, and it integrates with your scripting package to compute sales per hour, sales per call, conversions and a wealth of other information.


Interactive Coaching: Simple informative reports enhance the training and supervisor process. CenterPlus can transform and support supervisorsí effectiveness, while your agents continue to increase skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.


Your business success depends on the excellent service your agents provide on every phone call, fax, email or web chat. With the power and flexibility of CenterPlus, you can tailor the system to meet your individual business needs and help your agents and business succeed.

Tell us about your application. Using the Encore base system and add-on modules, we can design a powerful recording system to meet all of your requirements. 

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