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Encore Recorder Handles All of Your Call Center
Recording Applications


Whether you need to record all telephone calls or portions of calls, Encore Digital Recording System meets these requirements. Encore integrates the latest telephone and data recording technology in a simple, reliable and affordable PC platform package - record voice and data easily. Record calls for:

                 Order/Call Verification 
                 Security and Safety
                 Customer Service 
                 Coaching or Training Agents
                 Service Observance ...And More

Encore’s voice server architecture provides a centralized resource for unlimited simultaneous applications from multiple sources. With Encore you get total recordings for liability control, script based order verification, service observation and multi-channel live monitoring.

Quality Monitoring Recording
Encore takes agent evaluation, coaching and training to a new level with CenterPlus. It is more than an evaluation tool. It allows you to merge workforce management, training, payroll, ACD and MIS systems data with advanced agent review and statistics. Agents can easily track their own performance. A simple interactive graphical format shows both strengths and weakness with an emphasis on opportunities for improvement.

Public Safety Recording
Encore Defender specifically designed for public service organizations. Create simultaneously monitoring and recording covnersations from multiple telephone lines, plus detrunk, monitor and record mutiple radio channels.

Small Business Call Recording Solution
Small enterprises can take control of their business communications with Encore Small Business Recorder. Encore phone recording solution is flexible, accurate and reliable. Designed to assist small businesses with the evolving standards and regulations for recording.

Encore recording accomodates both VoIP-only systems and TDM/VoIP-hybrids and has providecd integrated reliable, cost effective VoIP recording technologies since 2000.

Tell us about your application. Using the Encore base system and add-on modules, we can design a powerful recording system to meet all of your requirements. 

Professional Telecommunications
Call Center Specialists

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