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  Add the following modules to enhance the power of your telephone call recordings

An Advanced Service Observation Module
With the service observation module the ability to record just a small fraction of the calls in a random or semi-random pattern can be achieved, rather than record all the calls all the time. Setting up a schedule to record both the calls and agents is easy.

Audition Dial in Review and Web Explorer Module
Audition enables password-authorized employees, quality assurance agents or clients to review recorded messages by phone. Use Web Explorer to access calls via the Internet using a secure HTTP interface.

Computer Screen Recording
Use screen recording to capture an agentís desktop activity during a recording session.

Live Monitor
Allows you to share your calls while they are taking place with others inside and outside your organization. Requiring a TCP/IP connection and appropriate security, Live Monitor streams the audio from one or more calls in a compressed audio format to any Windows PC.

Auto Verification
Provides fully automated archiving of sale or confirmation recordings that are now required in many telemarketing transactions. Ability to record and archive independent or third party verification recordings when needed.

Beeper Board
Generates the beep tones required by some jurisdictions.

Encore Soloist
Soloist brings the power of networked digital recordings to anyone who works with a laptop or desktop computer. Home agents, virtual call centers or any individual who needs the security and other benefits of call recording. Encore Soloist allows recording of calls directly to the hard disk of a Windows NT, XP or 2000 PC. A simple adapter links the telephone to the sound card in the PC.

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