Is borrowing money for solar panels interesting or not?

The fact that we should ask ourselves the above question in 2018 is perhaps a bit strange on the one hand, but also completely normal.

Many people still do not doubt the return that they can get with an installation with solar panels on their energy bills, but on the other hand there is no question of direct financial intervention from the government. This ensures that more and more families look a little suspiciously towards solar panels, it is and remains a considerable investment after all. Are you also doubting whether investing in solar panels is worthwhile nowadays and whether, in other words, you would do well to take out a loan for that? Read on quickly, because in this blog article we like to weigh the pros and cons against you for each other.

What returns can still be achieved today with solar panels?

Before we go further into taking out a loan for the purchase of your new installation with solar panels, you must of course also pay special attention to the return that you can achieve with your solar panels. At the moment you choose to provide 13 solar panels on your roof (which corresponds to approximately 1.8 square meters) you can take into account an investment of around 6,000 euros. Incidentally, a VAT rate of 6 percent was taken into account. If there is a favorable location, such a system must be able to supply about 3,631 kWh of electricity per year.

If we take all extra costs into consideration, the above will ensure that the payback period for your installation will be somewhere between 8 and 9 years. That seems like a lot, but in practice that is not that bad. It is in fact the case that a modern installation with solar panels can easily last for about 25 years. At the moment that your solar panels are recovered, you will undoubtedly be able to get a lot of extra returns. It is therefore quite obvious that an investment in solar panels can still be very interesting financially in the medium to long term. However, what exactly is the conclusion of a loan for such a system?

Take out a green loan for your investment in solar panels

Most of the people who think of investing in solar panels opt not to do this with their own financial means. It is perfectly possible that you do not have the required amount, but it can also happen that you simply do not want to invest this amount in solar panels, but just want to leave it on your savings account. In both cases this certainly does not mean that you have to put your dream of having an installation with solar panels on your roof, on the contrary. After all, you can always choose to take out a green loan from one of the various banks offering this type of credit.

One of the banks where you can take out a green loan for your investment in solar panels is Beobank . This lender has opted to offer a financially very interesting green loan to her clients. This ensures that you still get an optimal return from your system with solar panels, but without having to invest all your own resources. Beobank offers its clients the opportunity to take out a green loan with a different maturity so that you can spread the cost of your investment (more or less) as long as you want.

Is a green loan for your solar panels interesting or not?

The fact that you, for example, have the opportunity to take out a green loan for your investment in solar panels, is now clear. The question that many people now probably ask themselves is whether this is (financially) interesting or not. This depends a bit on the situation. At the time of writing, savings interest rates are low, but this does not detract from the fact that there are still enough other interesting investments with which you can potentially earn a lot of money. By investing your savings in these opportunities, at the end of the journey, you may also get a better advantage than if you, your savings, would all stop in the purchase of a system with solar panels.

In addition to the above, it must be said that a green loan is a very suitable form of credit when you wish to invest in solar panels. Not only are green loans very advantageous (cheaper compared to a normal personal loan), it is also true that they have a linear character. This ensures that you do not actually have to worry about possibly unpleasant surprises. All provisions relating to the development and payment of your green loan are contractually fixed so that you are always assured of optimum security. It may be clear, would you like to invest in solar panels and would you like to borrow the investment amount? Then opting to take out a green loan is certainly an interesting choice!