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VU-ACD/100 MIS Data Sheet (PDF)

Manage Your Call Center -- Real Time Statistics --Centrex Call Center ACD Reports

The VU-ACD/100 is a powerful Management Information System (MIS) for Centrex ACD call centers. A Centrex call center is one where the telephone services are provided by your local telephone company. The ACD features are similar to those provided by many PBX systems, except everything  resides in a secure facility at the telephone company. Centrex is basically a hosted solution, one that has been around for years.

The MIS provides real-time call center activity to help you manage your center and agents. Without proper data it is almost impossible to have a well run call center. In real-time you can view these elements of data so you know hour by hour what is transpiring:
              Service levels
              Calls offered
              Calls answered
              Calls abandoned
              Average & longest wait to answer
              Average and longest wait to abandon
              Agent activity

The VU-ACD/100 interfaces to the Nortel DMS-100, SL100, the Lucent 5ESS switch. For anyone familiar with CC MIS, the VU-ACD/100 was the model for the CC MIS. The VU-ACD/100 is the preferred choice for Centrex Call Centers, because of the outstanding support available to customers.

How It Works
The VU-ACD/100 interprets call event data sent over the MIS data link from one or more switches to provide call center managers with critical information necessary for proper management of the call center. One system can handle one or more centers, up to 4000 active agents.


  • Real-Time Management
  • ACD Reports
  • Optimize Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Resource Management

The VU-ACD/100 real-time screen uses vivid color graphics to display ACD group and agent activity. The screens provide instant, concise easy to understand status information. At a glance, call center managers receive a complete view of the current activity in the call center. This real-time acd data is constantly updating within seconds of telephone activity.

VU-ACD/100 provides extensive data collection and storage for report generation. The database collects all the information a manager requires to measure a call centerís success to ensure service quality objectives are met. The system is capable of storing detail and summary data at five-minute intervals per half hour for a minimum of one year.

ACD Reports (see a sample of some reports) provide in-depth data about the call center such as how many calls are offered, answered or abandoned per half hour, how long callers wait in queue, how many calls each agent handles daily, logged on time, break time and much more. The reports show daily, weekly, monthly, or year to date activity.

The VU-ACD/100 MIS give you the data to run a call center. Without this data you have no knowledge of what is going on.

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