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Call Center Designer


Call Center Designer uses customized versions of the Erlang C and Erlang B probability algorithms for staffing and trunking calculations. These are well known in the call center industry but are usually in the form of look-up tables and limited spreadsheet tools.

With this information you can quickly adjust expected call volumes, call lengths, and service levels to plan and answer all your "what if" questions, such as:
    What if our call volumes increased by 10%?
    What would happen to our queue with two less agents?
    What will our profit per call be if we raise our level of service?
    How many callers will get a busy signal for different trunking levels?
All performance statistics for staffing, trunking and day planning may be viewed as graphs so that you can get an intuitive feel for how your call center will perform. All the information you need to plan efficient call center operations is presented in both numeric and graphic formats with common sense language.

In addition to telling you how many agents and trunks you need, Call Center Designer gives you many other vital performance predictions:

% of calls answered within a given time Average time in queue
% of calls delayed Length of queue
% of calls likely to abandon Percent busy
% of time agents will be on a call Agent, trunk and other costs Average speed to answer Revenue and profit per call
The best way to get an overview of the AgentTime Scheduler is thru a Demo. Demo is approximately 30 minutes
Contact us:  linda@ptelinc.com to set up a time for your Web Demo.

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